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I've Got the

Experience the trueYOU in front of my lens


What Can I Do for You?

This isn’t really about me, per se -- it’s about what I can do for YOU. Why would you choose me to take your photographs? If you’re like most people, you don’t like having your picture taken. So, why trust me? Because I get you. As a highly empathetic introvert, I feel your pain and your joy, I see the struggles and the triumphs in your eyes and in your body language. I can translate your emotions into poses and movements that jive with what’s happening inside you. “Yeah, ok, whatever, but I only need a quick headshot.” Sure, I can do that, but don’t you want your headshot to reflect your best professional self? Why look like everybody else? You’re truly unique. You’re terrified of the lens showing you in the worst possible way, though. Listen, I’ve got you. Whether you want a low-key professional look, a light and airy happy vibe, or you’re more in a dark, moody, dramatic place, I’ve got the true you covered. I see the beauty in you that you may not see in yourself. You have colleagues, friends, and loved ones who care deeply about you, and what I’m about is documenting who you truly are. Exist in photos because years from now, you’ll be grateful for them. YOU are what I’m all about.