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$300 per session ($450 w/hair & makeup styling). Price includes 3 high res & 3 low res, non-watermarked images.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Professional headshots are important for one fundamental reason. Right or wrong, people judge by appearances. Although there is wisdom in not judging a book by its cover, we tend to judge all things, people, places, or businesses, by visual appearance first. So why not put your best face forward?

Professional Headshot example
Professional headshots are a good way to introduce yourself in the best light

Introduce yourself in the best light

A headshot is the very first thing your potential clients, new networking connections, or potential employers might see. Why chance your first impression by using an awkward selfie? Ask yourself, would a blurry image from a party from years ago or a well done headshot be the best version of you for all to see?

Kickstart Your Career

College juniors and seniors: looking at you on this one (no pun intended). Now more than ever before, recruiters are looking at social platforms like linkedIN to find potential candidates. Again, wouldn't you want the sharpest image of yourself for top companies to see?

A professionally done headshot could be the first thing a recruiter sees on your profile
Professional headshots done by Lisa Houff photography are a good way to put your best face forward

Get Your Brand Noticed

Professional headshots aren't just for individuals. Companies can also benefit from having this service done. I have personally worked in industries like real estate and I can tell you first hand: it is absolutely critical that you look your sharpest to maintain a competitive advantage.

Not to mention, for companies as a whole, a potential client could be scouring your website to see if the staff you have looks like they care about the work you could perform for them.

Tell Your Compelling Story

Are you a young professional or sole proprietor with a story to tell? I specialize in visual storytelling through photography. A professional headshot is a great first step: your look should be as compelling as the message you have to tell: the light, the clothing, all the way down to your facial expression: all of it should draw your audience in.

Professional headshots are a great way to tell a compelling story

Ready to Put Your Best Face Forward?

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