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You Don't Need Permission
to express the

Experience the trueYOU in front of my lens

The $450 session fee includes an in-person or Zoom pre-shoot consultation, wardrobe guidance, and professional hair and makeup styling for one woman.

​My Folio Boxes, found on the Products Page, are the ideal format for your prints.

Follow Your Intuition

I give you freedom in front of my lens. And you’ll never hear me say, ‘Say Cheeeeeeeese!’ What I’m trying to draw from you is your authenticity, smile or not. You don’t always need to smile for the camera if that’s not what’s natural to you. My goal is to help you feel comfortable in front of the lens. If your body and face can relax and be at ease, why force a fake smile?

maternity with flowing fabric
little girl in tutu
Whether you're wanting a Cinderella or Poison Ivy vibe, I've photographed women and girls in all situations!

Cinderalla or Poison Ivy: It's Up To You

A fellow photographer once had a woman client scheduled for a "glamour" session, complete with all the frills and sparkles. When the client arrived at the photographer's studio, she said, "You know, I'm not really feeling the frilly-sparkly kind of beautiful today." "What kind of beautiful ARE you feeling?" the photographer asked. With a sly smirk on her lips, the client responded, "Poison Ivy."

So they ventured into the photographer's spacious back yard near a stone wall with climbing English (not poison!) Ivy and did a session that was dark and organic to produce photos that best fit the woman's mood that day. It was unique to her. Only her. "Now, THAT'S me!" She was thrilled.

Yes, You Are worth it

Women often struggle with self esteem especially when it comes to getting in front of the camera, thinking that beauty is reserved for those on the covers of fashion magazines. Not true! Every woman and girl is beautiful in their own way. You're worth it! Let me help you express your trueYOU.

Beauty isn't reserved for models on the covers of fashion magazines.
You've spent a lifetime caring for others. Let me photograph you so show that you are still beautiful and valuable.

You've Spent a Lifetime Taking Care of Everyone Else. Its Your Turn.

Ladies are natural at nurturing. We spend our lives caring for the needs of others, often at the expense of our own. One of my favorite things to do is helping ladies see that in spite of the passing of a few years, they are still beautiful and valuable. I'd love to watch that happen for you in front of my lens.

There's No Judgment happening behind my lens, so don't fear being in front of it

Self consciousness is something I often see with women and girls photography. We ladies tend to overemphasize our flaws and overlook what makes us beautiful. Don't worry. There is no judgment happening behind my lens. So don't fear getting in front of it!

Ladies, dont' fear being in front of my lens. There's no judgment happening behind it.

Ready to Show Off the trueYOU?

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